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Whether you live here or are just visiting, we invite you to treat the lands and waters with care and consideration.

This means conducting yourself in a responsible, respectful manner toward the environment, people and wildlife.

Being Mindful Of Our Impacts

Don’t Love It To Death is an initiative by the Sea-to-Sky Destination Management Council that launched in 2022. This campaign is a reminder to outdoor enthusiasts and visitors enjoying the outdoors to be mindful of the impact their behaviour and activities are having on delicate ecosystems and communities.

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A Destination Education Initiative

The Council is comprised of numerous representatives focused on developing a destination education initiative to address some of the challenges facing our communities. Issues include: illegal camping; increased need for Search & Rescue due to poor planning; and the the overuse of land, trails, recreation sites, and community assets in both urban and rural locations.

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Don't Love It To Death

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