Don’t Love It To Death is an initiative by the Sea-to-Sky Destination Management Council that launched in 2022. This campaign is a reminder to outdoor enthusiasts and visitors enjoying the outdoors to be mindful of the impact their behaviour and activities are having on delicate ecosystems and communities. The campaign communicates to local, regional, national and international audiences with a goal of educating and informing audiences about impact reduction strategies and initiatives. Don’t Love it to Death doesn't use anyone's information without formal approvals. Don’t Love it to Death does not sell anyone's collected information to anyone.

As part of the communications and marketing initiatives Don't Love it to Death collects information from its audiences in the following ways:

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  • Email Newsletter Sign Up Form on This collects email addresses only from those that formally opt-in to receive email newsletters. Each email newsletter has an unsubscribe link and data is stored using a secure, third-party system.

  • Contest Forms on Contest Forms differ from contact and newsletter sign up forms as they ask for age information (to ensure at least 18 years old for contest regulations), in addition to name, email, province/country and if you want to opt-in for email newsletters. Those that have entered contests are collected into a database.  The database is used to choose a winner and for those that opted-in for the email newsletter they are then entered into the email newsletter database.  Those who didn't opt-in are officially erased from that database and thus not included in any future communications.

  • Remarketing Audiences.  Don't Love it to Death uses Google Ads, Facebook Ads to conduct digital marketing campaigns to create awareness of Don’t Love it to Death as an initiative. Website and campaign tracking mechanisms are in place to collect 'audiences' by way of tracking your IP addresses if you have showed interest in any of our campaigns or content or website.  Don't Love it to Death can then market more specific travel content to those tracked audiences.  Don't Love it to Death knows nothing more about the people within these audiences.

    • You can choose not to see these targeted ads or any other targeted ads by changing the privacy settings in your web browser and on any third-party platforms you use, such as Facebook

    • Facebook Advertising.  Don't Love it to Death conducts marketing campaigns on Facebook.  Some specifically target Don't Love it to Death's Facebook page fans and some target other Facebook users through Facebook's targeting options.  You can adjust the settings within your Facebook page to determine what or how much targeted ad content you see when you're on Facebook.

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